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What does a managed service provider actually do?

Managed service providers focus almost entirely on keeping your network and your computers up and running. Instead of only showing up when there's a problem, a managed services provider proactively prevents problems from happening in the first place.

Why should I pay a monthly fee when I can just wait and pay when I need IT support?

Today's technology is more complex than ever, with so many things to manage. The best strategy for keeping things running right is periodic maintenance and care to prevent problems or address issues while they are small and manageable. When you wait until something breaks, you risk data loss, expensive downtime, lost employee productivity and angry customers.

In the end, the answer to this question depends on how much risk, downtime and lost productivity you are willing to tolerate.

Do I need to have a website care plan?

Yes. There are new updates and patches for malware every day and if your website is not kept up to date it will reveal vulnerabilities that get attacked constantly resulting in your website crashing.

What are the advantages to VoIP?

The big advantage is VoIP may save you money especially if you make a lot of long distance and international calls. Features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3 way conferencing and voice mail are also included at no extra cost. 

In addition, you have the convenience of  making free phone calls from anywhere there is a high speed Internet connection available. 

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