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Our work isn't done once your website goes live. There is constant care and maintenance to make sure a website continues to work properly so we have developed multiple care packages to suit your needs. Here are some examples of the work required to keep a website functioning:


Scan - We are constantly scanning websites for vulnerabilities which is the most common way for websites to become infected. We run scans for malware on a nonstop basis to keep your website safe and secure.


Monitor - Monitoring a website is important to detect a problem early and fix it before it effects your business. We continually monitor the website for any issues and we also monitor forms, links that may have been broken or misdirected as well as page speed of the website.


Update - We perform frequent software updates for our websites to keep them running at their best capacity. The updates make sure the website loads quickly and properly. Websites that are not updated regularly are at higher risk of getting malware or having broken links.

Website Care Plans

Ask us about our website care plans to look after your online needs and protect your website.

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