What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and essentially creates a secure internet connection. This just means your website has been validated and now encrypts information being transmitted there including your clients' personal information.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

Without one, when people try to visit your website their browsers will warn them: This connection is not secure. Not only does this not look professional but it may scare away potential customers/clients.

To show visitors your website is secure your website address will begin with https instead of the original http and a lock icon (this may be green depending on your browser) appears as well. Now potential customers can browse your website secure in the knowledge that their information is secure while on your website.

In addition to the green lock, an SSL certificate ensures that all data going to and from your site is encrypted so it can’t be altered or misused. But there’s more than one way to disrupt websites.

What are the benefits of having an SSL Certificate on my website?

SSL Certificates inspire trust and show visitors that you value their privacy. An SSL Certificate protects your customers' sensitive information such as their name, address, password, or credit card number by encrypting the data during transmission from their computer to your web server.

An SSL Certificate is also required by most merchant services companies if you plan to sell products or services online.


Improved website security

Improved website speed

Better search engine ranking

Better user experience

You are seen as trustworthy

Encrypts sensitive information

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