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VoIP (pronounced “voyp”) stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is a technology that makes phone calls possible from any internet-connected device with a microphone and speakers.

VoIP has been steadily growing in popularity, and adoption of the technology has grown from replacing traditional telephones and cellular networks to adding voice and video calling capabilities to messaging apps. All of this has been driven by the convenience of internet connected devices and the low cost of VoIP phone systems.

A VoIP phone can convert an audio signal to digital data. A traditional telephone can act as a VoIP phone when connected to analog telephone adapters (ATA) that perform the conversion. The digital data then travels over the public internet to the device or phone being called. That device converts the audio data back to sound using software and speakers.

Because VoIP conducts phone calls over the internet, a couple of requirements need to be met for a VoIP call to take place. The audio signal for the call needs to be converted to digital data, and that data needs to be sent over a network connection.

Devices other than phones can be used to make VoIP calls, as long as they have microphones, speakers, and an internet connection. Smartphones have the required hardware, so they just need an internet connection to make VoIP calls. Desktop computers and laptops can also make calls with a headset or integrated mic and speakers. Traditional telephones can also be connected to a VoIP adapter that converts their calls to work over the internet.




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