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managed services not only make your business run smoother but also more effectively

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Reasons we are the right choice for you

Personal Care

We treat all our clients with the care and respect they deserve with a personal touch to show how important your business needs are to us. 


We are upfront and honest with our clients about your technical needs to best support your business.


We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service to all our clients equally.

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How Worry-Free Managed IT Services can help you:

  • Eliminate costly repairs - proactive monitoring means you don’t need to spend money on rectifying big disasters after they’ve happened
  • Say goodbye downtime, hello improved performance - with us looking after your systems in real time, you’ll experience fewer problems and downtime
  • Enjoy your very own IT department - without the high costs associated with hiring, training, and employing staff
  • Gain rapid remote support - remote access allows us to repair most issues without any onsite disruption
  • Get a predictable flat monthly fee - plan your IT budget with a far higher degree of accuracy
  • Sleep easier at night - you have enough to worry about which is why you should let us take the weight of IT and network hassles off your shoulders
  • Benefit from enhanced security - we’ll help you design a backup disaster and recovery plan so you can maintain operations no matter what comes your way
  • Point you in the right direction - our consultants can help you implement the right strategies, as well as coordinate with vendors for you


We are a small business big on service! Give us a call or email and we will be happy to help you with whatever your problem may be. 


  • 519-848-2511
  • 226-770-8324 (pr0-tech)
  • 188 George Street, Arthur


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